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SHOT Show 2024: Best New Rifles for 2024

The Show Low Blackjack The Show Low Blackjack is a 9mm pistol caliber carbine that looks a bit like an AK. It’s certainly AK-inspired, but it strays pretty far from the AK design. The Show Low Blackjack comes in various sizes, but for this entry, we’ll be counting the rifle version. This PCC was produced with competition shooting in mind. The Show Low Blackjack rifle has a 16-inch barrel that’s threaded and ready for your favorite muzzle device. It can be used with standard AK stocks and grips, but that’s where the similarity stops...


[SHOT 2024] Show Low Black-Jack Is A 9mm Mashup

At SHOT Show 2024, Arizona-based Show Low Mfg has launched their new Black-Jack 9mm pistol caliber carbine line. The distinctive feature of these new firearms lies in their proprietary detent-delayed blowback action. This design choice provides advantages over conventional blowback systems; notably, it allows the firearm to be lighter than a standard blowback design and offers enhanced accuracy. Despite the uniqueness of the internals, Show Low Mfg has kept familiarity alive with the external controls following AK-pattern controls.